Jennifer Powell
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         While working on the women’s board for Next models in 2008, Jennifer Powell started monetizing digital talent and ended up managing some of the Internet’s most influential fashion bloggers in the world. Jen turned blogs into immediate profitable businesses by orchestrating collaborations and endorsements with fashion and lifestyle brands, and she ultimately strategized how to build the influencer's overall brand and create sustainable businesses. 

She started her own, eponymous company in 2017, specializing in brand management and strategy for influencers with a consulting arm. She continues to push the boundaries of digital and influencer marketing as well as build and advise new businesses.

Jen lives in Beverly Hills with her husband, their 3 kids, and 3 dogs.


Before joining the JPinc team in 2018, Ben spent 5 years in the outdoor retail space, gaining in-depth knowledge of consumers and product buying + merchandising processes. He then took a delightful detour through the wine world (retail buying +private consulting) which led him to Los Angeles - until a long, long conversation with Jen resulted in his leap to the JPinc team.


Ben brings to the team a love of both the fashion + beauty spaces and passion for business development - all through a digital lens. 


Ben graduated from Millsaps College in 2009 with a B.A. in Psychology (which he uses every day working in fashion). When Ben is offline, he is most likely immersed in one of many home renovation projects with his partner Alexis, or spending time in their cabin in the San Bernardino mountains – with their two rescue pit bulls, Lola + Betty.

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